That’s it! As we’re approaching the latest stage of testing the contracts and the dApp interface, we can proudly announce that will open its Automatic Market Maker (AMM) and farms on 📅 Sunday, Feb 14 @ 12:00 UTC.

Our logo (ok, we’re not really into design, but still)

Contracts will be published on Thursday to allow everyone to review them beforehand (always DYOR! 🕵️).

Dankswap’s native token will be the 🍁 Weed Token (ticker WEED), a BEP-20 standard contract on the Binance Smart Chain.

WEED will have an initial supply of 4200 tokens which will be minted at the launch block on Sunday, then sent to the Treasury for our Twitter Launch Airdrop Event. Follow @dankswap on Twitter to take part in this free token distribution (starts Thursday, ends Sunday, everyone who follows us and retweets the event tweet will get an equal share of the 4200 WEED tokens initial supply).

Following the launch on Sunday, WEED will be minted to reward liquidity providers at a rate of 4.20 WEED/block for the first 100k blocks (half a week), then 2.10 WEED/block for blocks 100,001 to 200,000 after launch, then 1.05 WEED/block forever aftwerwards. We planned this deflationatory emission to strive for a better value for early users of Dankswap.

Dankswap will reward AMM pools liquidity providers in 🚜 Dankfarms 🌾, where everyone will be able to stake their LP tokens on the following pairs:

  • WEED/BNB, rewarded x20
  • WEED/BUSD, rewarded x20
  • BUSD/BNB, rewarded x5
  • VAI/BUSD, rewarded x1, for those who want to farm a little WEED without volatility risk

Additional Dankfarms will be available after launch.

Dankswap users will be also able to stake WEED to farm more WEED in the DAB Dankpool. Dankswap will launch further Dankpools to farm tokens of collab projects after launch.

🔥 Weed wouldn’t be as fun without burning it! As a disincentive against dumping WEED tokens during the initial high (lmao) yielding farming stage, 4.20% of all WEED harvested in the Dankfarms and the DAB Dankpool will be burned if withdrawn during the first 100,000 blocks from launch.

Get ready, Dankswap is coming

The dankest AMM and yield farming platform on the Binance Smart Chain